We’re Out To Help America Keep Up With The Internet.

Ever become frustrated with something you were doing on the Internet and suddenly found yourself scrambling to find someone to help you out?

You’re not alone.

65% of all Internet users find themselves in this position at least once a week. The truth is, mobile technology and Internet applications are moving too fast to keep up with. And customer service for online usage is either too time consuming or simply non-existent. That’s where we come in. We show people how things work online by helping them, in-person…face-to-face.

WebWizards® is a national network of customer service outlets offering personalized ground support, private/public classes and traditional web presence services for local Internet users and small businesses. We also provide retail (brick-n-mortar) licensing opportunities for entrepreneurs, reselling capabilities for existing retail chains and valuable support partnering for online developers looking to service their end-users (in-person).

Our goal is to become America’s most trusted local brand when it comes to Internet support, education and web presence services.

Network Branded Opportunities

Whether you’d like to become part of our national network of service providers, resell our services or would like to open your very own WebWizards store, we have a plan for you to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

Retail Locations

Our licensed centers are individually owned and operated in key markets. Run your own WebWizards store without requiring a tech background. We’ll guide you every step-of-the-way. Let’s get you open for business.

Support Pros

If you’re an Internet know-it-all, you can become a Certified WebWizards Ground Support Pro. Get paid to let someone pick your brain while helping others. Arrange work hours around your personal schedule.


WebWizards offers insightful classes on a regular basis with certified instructors. Public and private classes, certifications, featured speakers and more. If you like to teach, we’ve got work for you using our courses.


Whether your are a national franchise or an individual retail shop, you can increase your foot traffic by offering our web services to your customers. You earn commissions, while we fulfill the order. It’s that simple.

Ground Support Pros By Targeted Market

Service your customers with in-person support.

Slide600high-03 Our Ground Support Pros get closer to customers than anyone else can–by sitting next to them at their computer. Partner with us to gain end-user instruction and support of all your online and mobile apps. If you’re an online developer, now you can have a fleet of Ground Support Pros available throughout the country to help your customers (in-person) with whatever issues they may be experiencing, teach groups how to use your apps or simply gain valuable feedback from the field in specific markets.

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